Keiraville International Church (KIC) as our name implies, has a unique passion for international students and families to hear about Jesus and to experience living among a local Christian community.

KIC is a ministry of St John’s Anglican Church, Keiraville. We are a multi-cultural church welcoming all in an easy English setting.

If you are new to Wollongong and looking for a church community to join, we’d love for you to come along and join us.

Our Vision

The Biblical Mandate
KIC’s Biblical Mandate comes from three New Testament (NT) passages: The first passage comes from Matthew 28:18-20; that is “reaching the nations with the gospel as laid out in the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus.”. KIC’s nations are found at the University of Wollongong (UOW).

The second passage comes from 2 Timothy 2:2. This part of the mandate is discipleship. From Bible study to church services, baptism classes, leadership training and other activities. KIC works towards disciplining and teaching people Christian leadership.

The third passage comes from Acts 19:8-10. It is from here we get our Biblical Strategy to do this unique ministry. Paul, in the Bible, used several strategies to spread the gospel and raise the churches. KIC has adopted the style and strategy called ‘the Ephesian Model Church Plant’ (EMCP). KIC applies what we see Paul model.

1. Paul based his ministry in one location, the lecture hall of Tyrannus in Ephesus. For KIC, St John’s Anglican Church, Keiraville is the local centre of our ministry.

2. Paul’s style of Bible teaching: he used an interactive model of teaching the Word of God. Discussion is not his usual style of preaching the gospel, but in Ephesus Paul used an interactive mode of Bible teaching. At KIC, Bible studies are interactive. And just as Paul was ministering to the intellectuals in Ephesus, so too at KIC, we minister to the intellectuals who are attending UOW.

3. Paul ministered regularly. Acts 19:8 tells us that Paul taught daily. KIC conducts various ministries throughout each week for most of the year.

4. Paul was a part of a sending ministry which was reaching other countries in Asia (Acts 19:10). A key part of KIC’s vision is to see churches flowering all over the world. At each semester’s end, students return home with an understanding of the gospel, and the experience to share it with others. Our prayers are that these returning students will apply what they have learnt at KIC to further the spread of the gospel (good news).

Through this reasoning listed here and more KIC is a place where all are welcome and are invited to be part of our diverse family. That’s why we call KIC a “home away from home”.

Our History

KIC started in 2010 when two churches, Figtree Anglican Church and St John’s Anglican Church, Keiraville, with a passion for outreach joined together to create an internationally focused church in Wollongong. Since then we have continued our focus on reaching the international community with people from 59 nations and counting attending our Church over the past 10 years and 126 people coming to know The Lord. We have baptised over 70 of them in the beautiful Wollongong ocean at Beach Cove, Belmore Basin. In 2020 our long and blessed partnership with Figtree Anglican Church ended and we have continued on to become a full ministry of St John’s Anglican Church, Keiraville.

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